Welcome to the Melariche blog! Stay tuned for make-up & skincare tips, tutorials, guides, inspirational stories and much more. Before kicking things off, I wanted to take to a moment and explain how Melariche came about and why I think a beauty retail platform for women of colour is long overdue.

In December 2015, I (a dark-skinned black woman), went shopping for new foundation in London. The style capital of the world? Well, not for everyone.

That day I went to numerous Boots and Superdrug stores; allegedly the top specialist retailers for cosmetics in the UK. After hours of walking I found only one foundation that I thought may be close to my skin shade. But none of the stores had a tester bottle, so I couldn’t even check. Sound familiar?

I trekked to Selfridges sure I would find something to suit. I stopped at a beauty counter; wide-eyed at the expansive, yet expensive, shade range. I was excited at the thought of buying the perfect shade in this luxury environment. Alas, the consultant had to rummage in the bottom of a drawer to find a shade she thought might suit me. I felt like I didn’t belong and resented spending £40 on such an experience.

I went home angry, empty-handed and with very sore feet.

Over the past decade there have undoubtedly been some advances in the production of cosmetics for women of colour. However, these products can be very hard for women to access as they’re either out of stock or out of our price range. This means many purchases are made outside the UK resulting in more hassle and more money spent in the long run.

Leaving aside the question of why make-up for women with darker skin tones is so hard to find (the topic of another blog maybe?) I decided I’d had enough. The time had come for me to help all women of colour find the makeup and skincare products we desire, and provide the shopping experience we deserve.

Say hello to Melariche

I am proud to announce that Melariche will be arriving soon; a UK-based online retailer offering beauty products made for women of colour. In the Melariche store you’ll be able to buy face, eye and lip colour cosmetics, facial skincare products, nail polish, cosmetic tools and accessories. Excited? Me too!

All our stock will be carefully selected, providing a mix of major and independent product lines that address the needs of darker skin tones and the preferences of women of colour. We will also have products that can help with hyper-pigmentation and spotting. Many of our product lines were founded by women of colour, and we can’t wait to share their inspiring stories with you.

In time I hope to bring a Melariche boutique to the high street. But, for now, I hope you enjoy shopping in the new Melariche online store – launching this August. Until then, sign up to our newsletter so you’ll be the first to hear about our launch discount offers, special events, free giveaways and much more!

Email me anytime at jackie@melariche.com if you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding Melariche. I would love to hear from you!


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