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Let’s face it. Makeup can be costly. So its no wonder we think twice about throwing away that barely used £20 blush purchased on a whim five years ago. But time for a sobering truth ladies…

Makeup expires!

Old makeup does go bad and it can be downright dangerous to use beauty products after their shelf life has expired. Besides the fact that cosmetics can stop performing well, using makeup that has surpassed its expiration date can cause irritations and infections.

Here’s the scoop. Makeup that is unopened can actually last quite long at room temperature. Most for three years. However, the clock starts ticking once the product has been opened and exposed to air.

Ever seen this label on the box of your foundation?

cosmetics label use by

Don’t ignore it. EU Regulations require that all cosmetic manufacturers include a label like this on beauty products to let consumers know how long the product should last after opening. ’12M’ indicates that the product can be safely used for 12 months after opening. As with anything though use sound judgment – if the foundation has separated or the mascara has dried up, toss it!  It is always better to be safe than sorry.

If you want a quick & easy guide on when to throw makeup away, you’re at the right place! Read on for some top tips.

Mascara & Liquid EyeLiner – 3 Months

It’s time to toss mascara & liquid eyeliner 3 months after opening (YES, you read that right). Products with water are a breeding ground for bacteria and the preservatives in mascara & liquid eyeliner stop working after a few months. Because these products are used near your eyes, it’s best not to take any chances (Eye infections aren’t pretty). Re-up on your mascara and liquid liner every season.

Top Tip: Never pump a mascara wand as that will dry out the product even faster.

Liquid Foundation, Cream Eye Shadows – 6 Months

As with mascara, bacteria starts to grow in liquid foundation because of the water present in these formulas. Make sure to follow the recommendations on the box or if in doubt, replace every six months.

Top Tip: Pour out liquid foundation on the back of your hand, instead of dipping brush or fingers into the jar. This will reduce germ transfer and bacterial growth.

Concealer, Lipstick, Lip Gloss – 1 Year

Preservatives in these break down after a year. If you don’t remember when you bought your fav lipstick, it may be time to toss if you’re starting see to small beads form on top. The shelf life of lip gloss with a wand applicator can be shorter due to bacteria build up – after a year it’s time to let it go.

Top Tip: If you have a cold, apply lipstick with a fresh cotton swab to stop it from becoming contaminated.

Face Powder, Pencil Eyeliners, Powder Eyeshadows, Lipliner  – 2 Years or More

Good news here. Powders last much longer because they do not contain water or oil and therefore less prone to contamination. But after two years, most powders begin to crumble and do not perform as well, so most manufacturers recommend tossing face powder, blush, bronzers and eyeshadows after 2 years. More good news – Pencil and lip liners are quite sanitary because every time your sharpen you are applying a fresh clean surface.

Top Tip: Regularly sanitize your sharpener and brushes to prevent bacteria build up and transfer to powder and pencil products. Makeup sponges should be tossed after a month.

Is it time to replace your makeup? Leave a comment and let us know!

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