What inspired you to create 3107?

3107 London is the result of my experience as a facialist and spending time listening to the wants of my clients and physiological needs of their skin. Alongside using specialist products, I love using pure botanical oils in my skincare practices, so I was inspired to create a range that married age old alchemy, purposeful organic ingredients and affordability for all.

How has your ethnicity impacted your journey to entrepreneurship and what advice would you give to young women of colour that want to start their own brand?

I don’t think me being a black woman has impacted on my journey to a brand owner. I have to work hard, network and hustle like everyone else.  If anything, I think people are genuinely just excited about the brand and for those who know me, they know it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time so they help to celebrate 3107 London. To any other WOC who wants to start their own brand –  do you research across all brand areas, especially presentation, PR and communication; network with the relevant people – established and up coming; work hard and believe in your abilities.

You products are all made through small batch manufacturing. Can you explain what this means and why you’ve chosen to make your products with this method?

This means we only ever make as much as we need to hold in stock. I hate the idea of products sitting around, so we only ever keep the bare minimum. For wholesale, we produce on demand meaning that everything is as fresh as can be.

Your makeup cleanser and face elixir are quickly becoming cult favourites in the UK beauty scene. What’s next for 3107? Are you planning to launch any new products soon?

It’s been a summer focused around family, so it’s actually quite exiting to be back at work.  We’re working on mini sized 3107 London products and also something special for the Christmas.  Our summer workshop about understanding botanical oils was very well received, so working hard to put on another workshop before the end of the year.

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