I’d really like to buy that foundation on your site, but I’m afraid the shade won’t match.

We’ve heard it time and time again and you’re right! Shopping online for foundation can be risky business unless you already know your shade. This is especially true for women with darker skin tones whose makeup options are often quite limited. That’s part of the reason why we launched Melariche – to provide women of colour with more choice. Already, we have curated some amazing makeup brands that offer a vast array of foundation shades for melanin rich beauties. For example, IMAN Stick Foundation offers over 16 shades for women of colour and ZAO Organic Cream Foundation has 8 colours for darker skin tones. But we realise picking a shade through a computer screen can be tough. That’s why we recently launched our TEST IT FIRST collection.

Once you receive your sample, follow these tips to properly colour match foundation to your skin:

Shade Match to Your Neck and Body

Keep in mind that your main goal is to match your face to your neck to achieve a flawless natural finish. Don’t make the mistake of only looking at how the foundation blends into your facial tones. That could make for some ghastly photos.

Apply Tester to Your Jawline

Testing foundation on your jawline usually works best. Using the applicator provided with any of our samples, apply a light layer of the shade to your jawline and let the foundation sit for a few minutes. You want to see how it reacts with the natural oils in your skin. Choose the shade that creates a uniform look from your neck to face.

When You May Need to Go Lighter

Going too light, can lead to the dreaded ashy look. However, there are a few occasions where a shade that is slightly lighter may actually look better.  First, if you have oily skin that tends to shine quickly, a lighter shade may actually suit your better. That’s because the oils in your skin can make foundation appear darker at times. Also, powders or bronzers can darken your foundation shade, so you may need to compensate for this by wearing a lighter foundation shade.

Use Natural Lighting

Some artificial light can distort how you look in the mirror and be misleading. You know the story – you try on a foundation at a beauty counter thinking it’s the perfect match only to go outside and discover the colour is all wrong. To avoid this situation, we recommend that samples are always tested in natural lighting.

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Happy Shopping!

The Melariche Team